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The Intercultura Foundation promotes international youth exchanges through the award of scholarships.

For exchanges of secondary school students, special attention is given to experimental initiatives with emerging countries (China, India, countries with predominantly Islamic culture) through scholarships awarded to students who don't have economic means to participate in these programs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-finances a project of international youth exchanges for high school students coming from China, India and Russia, coming to study in Italy for a year.

Other organizations and foundations support the educational project of Intercultura, offering scholarships for students of secondary school.

Scholarship at the University level.


Starting 2012 and over the next three years, the Intercultura Foundation will work with the University of Rome Tor Vergata for a PhD in Humanities - Studies on Education on the theme: "the identification and development of intercultural skills acquired by students returning from individual educational experiences abroad, and their evaluation in the context of the Italian school: present situation and prospects".