The Body and the Web. Tools for intercultural learning

Florence, February 28th - March 2nd, 2013

Today digital tools and social networks have created a web of world-wide connections. But their use is ambivalent. On one hand they generate the feeling that physical interaction may no longer be necessary in order to get to know another reality and that distance may be an irrelevant or marginal factor when approaching another culture. On the other hand they make it more difficult to detach oneself from one’s own environment and to benefit from a full immersion in another country. This ambivalence rises many questions.

How are these tools used, especially by young people? How do they create a texture of continuous multiple communication? How do they favour or impede physical interaction between people from different cultures, and intercultural learning? How do digital learning and real life experiences integrate or diverge?

The Intercultura Foundation has invited scholars and practitioners to an international conference on these topics.

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Proceedings are available HERE.