European Charter for the quality of exchanges

The European Parliament and the Council of Europe adopted a European Charter for Quality of mobility programs.

This document is based not only on quality standards already adopted in the AFS network by all partner countries, but also refers to our main pilot projects forintra-European exchange (ESSSE).


The paper sets out as the basic features for the quality of exchanges: 

  • good preparation / pre-departure training (access to information),

  • definition of a learning plan, language and cultural training to the host country;

  • assistance while abroad (language support, logistics support and practicalassistance and support for the integration of the participant in the community);

  • a reintegration program at the end of the experience (recognition ofqualifications obtained abroad, local assistance for the reintegration into the community of origin and in the workplace / school, evaluating the results of the exchange)



Quality chart

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