"Multicultural Identities. Challenging the Sense of Belonging" Conference proceedings

Volume 13 (2018)

This book shows how in our increasingly globalized and multicultural world, many of the certainties we used to hold about our sense of belonging are being deconstructed by the reality we live in. Its broad collection of papers, first presented by the authors at the IX SIETAR Italia conference 2017 in Milan, offers unique insights into modern concepts of multicultural identity as well as into the many forces shaping their construction.
The authors’ wide-ranging and varied analytical approaches come hand-in-hand with helpful ideas and practical advice for everyone looking to engage successfully with the challenges of multiculturalism.

SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research) is the world’s largest interdisciplinary network for all those working in the field of intercultural relations. The mission of SIETAR is to foster intercultural cooperation and understanding, so such that differences across nationality, gender, age, community, language, religion, color, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation are not seen as barriers but rather as opportunities for work, study and life. SIETAR holds NGO status with the United Nations and is recognized by the Council of Europe.
SIETAR Italia (www.sietar-italia.org) affiliated to the international network of SIETAR, fully subscribes to the cause of interculturalism and is a professional network of members who are drawn to intercultural training, research and education from fields such as media, consulting, education, management, healthcare, arts, and many others. SIETAR Italia serves as a forum for the sharing best practices, cutting-edge research, and learnings from innovative projects undertaken in the field of intercultural relations. SIETAR Italia seeks to share the experiences of its members with the world community organizing learning events and international conferences.

Maura Di Mauro, SIETAR Italia’s President, is an intercultural trainer and consultant as well as adjunct Lecturer of Intercultural Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Piacenza, Italy. 

Bettina Gehrke, a member of SIETAR Italia’s Advisory Board, is Professor of Leadership and Cross-Cultural Management at Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy.