AFS e INTERCULTURA. Un viaggio per il mondo un viaggio per la vita

Volume 1 (2009)

"[AFS] was born from the encounter between idealisms and pragmatisms that flew from the two sides of the Atlantic, from the project of building an American hospital in Paris, from the humanitarian momentum of some hundreds of American university students, the idea of ​​creating an ambulance service that could speed up the transport of the wounded from the battlefield to hospital facilities where they could be cured. Until the First World War, the first cause of death following injury on the field was the extremely slow transport of the wounded from war camps to the place of medical care.
In Neuilly High School, on the outskirts of Paris, the first volunteer ambulance drivers started off. They supported the American Hospital Association, which was born in 1907, and created the original nucleus of what, more than 90 years later, by changing means and aims, became a non-governmental organization with offices in more than sixty countries as well as the largest International body for cultural exchanges of young people ... "


Afs e Intercultura

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