Internazionalizzazione della scuola e mobilità studentesca. Il ruolo degli insegnanti

Volume 4 (2010)

A research by SICESE (Sezione Italiana della Comparative Education Society in Europe) on the role of teachers in leading and evaluating international school exchanges.

In view of the growing internationalization of schools, student mobility acquiresincreasing centrality, both for its value as personal training, and for the potential importance in the acquisition of skills useful in the "knowledge society". A proper development of the mobility experience, however, requires a serious consideration of the problematic issues with which we are faced.

How to mate the internationalization with the educational, social, institutionalneeds, related to individual contexts and their traditions? What is the legal framework within which we move? What are the relations between the European space and the wider world? And above all, what new challenges are presented for individual schools and individual teachers, whose attitude is a key element inenabling a fruitful mobility?

This study focuses on those problematic areas through a reflection based on boththeoretical and empirical research and texts analysis, to better understand this complex issue, which could also provide a solid foundation for the development ofoperational measures.