DICTAM - Developing Intercultural Competence Through Adolescents' Mobility

2018 - 2020

A research promoted by Intercultura Foundation

For several years the Intercultura Foundation has been promoting researches and conferences in the field of internationalisation of schools and international students mobility. One of the areas of research focuses on the assessment of one of the main expected outcomes of student mobility: the intercultural competence.

The aim of the DICTAM research is therefore to explore whether there are significant correlations between the development of intercultural competence and the most significant variables of international student mobility programmes (the length of period abroad, the type of programme, the accommodation).

The Intercultura Foundation is running an empirical research that follows a mixed methods approach (IDI® - Intercultural Development Inventory; self-assessment questionnaires; logbooks, third-party observation forms) which involves more than 400 students participating in one of the programmes organized by Intercultura.

Research group:

  • Dr. Mattia Baiutti (Intercultura Foundation)
  • Dr. Roberto Ruffino (Intercultura Foundation)
  • Dr. Darla K. Deardorff (Duke University, AIEA Association of International Education Administrators)

in collaboration with:

  • Dr. Chiara Fiorelli (University of Bologna)

Dr. Mattia Baiutti


Research group: Mattia Baiutti, Darla Deardorff, Roberto Ruffino