School internationalization and pupil mobility. The teachers' role

2008 - 2009

Donatella Palomba, Anselmo R. Paolone, Carla Roverselli, Orazio Niceforo, Carlo Cappa


A research on the role of teachers in the internationalization of schools and student mobility conducted by SICESE (Italian Section of the Comparative Education Society in Europe).

In the perspective of a growing internationalization of schools, student mobility is becoming increasingly central, both for its value as a personal training and for the importance it can have in the acquisition of useful skills in the "knowledge society". Adequate development of mobility experiences, however, requires serious consideration of its problematic nodes.

How to combine the international appeal with the educational, social, institutional needs, linked to individual contexts and their traditions? What is the regulatory framework? What are the relationships between the European space and the wider World context? And above all, what new challenges are presented for individual schools and teachers, whose attitude remains a pivotal element in making mobility a fruitful experience both on an educational and didactic level?

This study focuses on these problematic issues through a reflection based on both empirical research and theoretical and text analysis, to gain a greater understanding of this complex issue which can provide a solid basis for operational interventions.


Palomba, D., Paolone, A. R., Roverselli, C., Niceforo, O., & Cappa, C. (2010). Internazionalizzazione della scuola e mobilità studentesca. Il ruolo degli insegnanti. Colle di Val d’Elsa: Fondazione Intercultura.

Palomba, D., & Paolone, A. R. (2011). Competencies vs. interculturalty. Student exchanges in the age of Pisa. In M. A. Pereyra, H.-G. Kotthoff, & R. Cowen (Eds.), Pisa under examination. Changing knowledge, changing tests, and changing schools (pp. 109-122). Rotterdam: Sense.

Conferences and presentations

  • Brescia, 5 November 2010 (book presentation)
  • Uppsala, 16-19 August 2018 (CESE convention)
  • La Palma, 23-26 November 2009 (CESE convention)
  • Italian Chamber of Deputies, Rome, 7 September 2009 (book presentation)