The Intercultura Foundation is headquartered in Colle di Val d'Elsa (Siena) in the Conservatory of St. Peter, a Renaissance structure built at the end of the sixteenth century when Colle Val d'Elsa was elevated to the rank of bishopric.

Over four centuries of life, the palace has hosted educational facilities of various types, from the Conservatory set up by Pietro Leopoldo in 1785 to the Magistrale Institute, which moved to a new building in 1990.

In 1991, the Intercultura Association moved its offices in the building and started the activities of the Intercultural Training Center. Like many conventual structures, the building is particularly suitable for hosting meetings and conferences, as the meeting rooms are spread around the cloister without interfering with the parts reserved to the offices, upstairs.

The founding act of the Intercultura Foundation was signed in the Conservatory's conference room on May 12, 2007, thus creating an ideal continuation of the educational and philanthropic activities that have been hosted here over the centuries and the aims of the nascent Foundation.

The Intercultural Foundation is located in a wing of the complex.

Volume 11 of the Library of the Foundation is dedicated to the Conservatory of St. Peter, and is available HERE.